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Part-Time Server
Full Time
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posted about 3 years ago

Job Description


Servers are responsible for ensuring customers have an exceptional experience. Servers have the most contact with the customers throughout the course of the night and therefore must be customer service specialists. In addition to dealing directly with customers (taking orders, serving, talking to, and making welcome), servers will also be responsible for packing hookahs, pouring beer and wine, preparing and serving kava beverages, cleaning beer and wine glasses and replacing them, busing tables, and generally keeping the lounge and service bar areas clean. Opening, closing, and rush tasks differ somewhat, so a breakdown of those tasks is included below.

If opening, responsibilities include completing opening tasks such as turning on lounge lights, turning on thermostat, filling hookahs, resetting interior furniture, making sure the lounge area is clean and free of debris, cutting limes and oranges as needed, turning on burner, making sure foil, tops, and tips are stocked, setting outside furniture, and any other responsibilities outlined on the nightly log.

If working rush, responsibilities include breaking down hookahs not currently in use at end of shift, and filling tobacco.

If closing, responsibilities include completing closing tasks including breaking down remaining hookahs, cleaning any remaining glasses and replacing them in the glass chiller, wiping down service bar area, setting aside full trash bags to be taken out the next day, turning off burner, turning off lights, turning off thermostat, completing end of day reports, completing any other responsibilities outlined on the nightly log, and leaving the building ready to open the next day.

It is important to note that Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge is a privately-owned small business. This means that the Lounge will evolve and improve as we continue to learn and grow. Because of this, day to day operations may also be subject to change, along with your responsibilities. In order for Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge to continue to grow and be successful, the employees that are part of our family must be willing to grow and change with the company. Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge employees are flexible and growth-oriented. Employees will be scheduled and rewarded primarily based on performance. Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge invests a lot in its employees, and therefore has a great interest in the success of its employees. As we continue to grow, opportunities for advancement in the company will present themselves, and employees who are already a part of our family will be among the first considered for these positions.

Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge Employees are analytical, problem solving, creative, social, loyal, patient, open-minded, and hardworking. We take pride in the work that we do and the company that we work for. We treat our customers as if they are guests in our home, because, in a way, we feel that Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge is our home. We are part of a family of sorts, a family that cares about one another and wants to see its members succeed in all aspects of their lives.




  • Completed at least high school education (or the equivalent)
  • Ability and desire to work late hours
  • Ability and desire to work in a fast paced, service oriented job
  • Ability and desire to work directly, and establish a rapport with customers
  • Experience in working directly with customers (retail or service industry) is a plus, but not required
  • Smoking hookah is required for this position